What’s New?

I’ve had a lot of emails and other such communications lately from people telling me how much they enjoy the Dhulyn and Parno books. I can’t tell you how much that means to me, there is actually no way to express how important it is for people who work alone 80% of the time to hear from strangers that their work is appreciated, and even loved.

At the moment, all this affection is a little bittersweet, because these same lovely people are also asking me when (and whether) there’s going to be another D&P book. On that front, all I can say is, there’s good news, and bad news.

The bad news is, while everyone who read the D&P books seemed to really enjoy them, there haven’t been enough actual sales to persuade the publisher to finance another one just at present. So even though I love the books, and my fans love the books, and even my publishers love the  books, the practicalities of life have put a stop to them, for now. I have outlines for the follow-up to Path of the Sun (and for Shadowlands, for those of you who enjoy that series) so I do know how they continue, but I’m not in a position right now to do anything about that myself (see the good news, below).

Before I get to the good news, however, there are a couple of things you guys can do for me, that could help to increase the chances of more Dhulyn and Parno. For one thing, the books are still in print, and available as ebooks, so sales are still possible. Please continue to recommend them to your friends (rather than, ahem, lending them your copies). You can also go on Amazon, and Goodreads, and leave positive reviews, as well as talking them up in blogs and posts of your own. Go to www.dawbooks.com and let them know that you enjoyed the books and would like to see more of them.

Finally, you can follow me on Twitter, and friend me on Facebook, if you haven’t already. Not only will you get prompt updates on how my writing is going, but you’ll help increase my “internet presence,” something marketing departments like to see. You can also have a look at my weekly posts at www.blackgate.com.

So, what about that good news? Well, the lovely people at DAW has bought another series from me, one that I hope you’ll like just as much as the adventures of Dhulyn and Parno. I’m at work right now on Book One of  Halls of Law – at the moment I have a contract for two proposed books – which will be coming out under a pseudonym (pretty much standard procedure when you’re trying to increase sales). The name I’ve chosen is VM Escalada, which is my own initials plus the Spanish part of my surname. For those of you who don’t know, in Spain no one changes their name when they marry, and everyone has a double-barrelled surname. So, in Spain, I would be Violette Malan Escalada.

Working on Halls of Law hasn’t left me a lot of time for other things, but I’m hoping to finish a couple of short stories featuring Dhulyn and Parno that I can post for you guys to enjoy. Thanks again for all your kind words and support. I’ll keep you all in the loop.

15 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Hello VM,

    Yes I want to see another Dhulyn and Parno, but understand that is not happening just yet. “Would all good writers be independently wealthy and could publish whatever and whenever.” Trust your Halls of Law series is successful. Just Plain Ellen

  2. AKKat

    . . .I am incredibly sad to hear that. I check back every few months to see if there is news on another D&P novel. They are some of my favorites. Definitely bittersweet; I’m glad it’s not because you, the author, have lost interest, but to hear that such a great series isn’t selling well enough makes me both sad and angry. Very disheartening.

    Most of my friends aren’t into books the way I’m into books, but maybe I can start sneak buying them this series as presents for bday or Christmas — it’s very much worth it. Dhulyn and Parno’s partnership is one of my favorites among the hundreds of fantasy books I’ve read. I adore it.

    Please keep up the good work — I’m a fan of yours, and if you write it, I’ll buy it. ❤ Cheers.

    1. Bianca Vandemark

      Can’t wait for more Dhulyn and Parno!!!! I am stalking your section in Amazon.com!!!!! I have re-read them so many times, but want to see what happens next!! Keep writing!

    1. Hi Crystal, thanks for your input. The Kickstarter/self-publish route is always an option, though I’m reluctant for a couple of reasons. One is that since the series is being sidelined due to poor sales, I’m a little unsure whether a Kickstarter campaign would actually work. The second reason, at the moment, is that I’m still under contract with DAW to writer another series, and I’m not able to write more than one book at a time.
      There may be some light up ahead, however, as DAW is re-releasing the D&P books in omnibus editions, which keeps them in print, and opens them up to a new market. If they do well, we may yet see more of them.
      Thanks again.

  3. T. Cat

    Hello I have all of the D&P books and will continue to do so. They are very good and keeps you guessing each time you go back and read them. I also understand that it takes awhile for the publishers to hope for more sales then has been ongoing until now. Do not worry it will happen. You are not the only new author that I have been waiting on for a new book in a series. Nor will you be the last, (not including myself). I will keep looking for the book of D&P eagerly and will by it. Count on it. Thank you for a wonderful read!

  4. Diana Rigg

    This is the first time I have gotten on an author’s blog, and I did so because there have been no new Malan books to buy for the last several months. I’ve been anticipating a new D&P book for years (or so it seems). I am EXTREMELY disappointed that it is, apparently, sales that are coming between me and my newest favorite author. I am also disappointed that the publisher was willing to spring for a new series but not for new additions to existing series. Unfortunately, I’ll probably postpone purchasing something that could become a “one of” and just wait for an installment on a series that has already captured my imagination. I’m disheartened by all the juvie and teen-oriented fiction out there and am soooo over the vampire and werewolf stuff (was never really into it, although occasionally I get drawn into Patricia Briggs’ world). I’ll keep looking for your books, albeit with a resigned air that has little anticipation of the thrill I usually get when it is “time” for a next installment.


  5. Chantelle

    Oooooh, I’ve already written my irate letter to DAW! Reviews posted on Goodreads. Please keep D&P on DAW’s radar! Good luck with the new series.

  6. Sonblom

    I adore your Dhulyn and Parno novels – I have re-read them so many times!! I am eagerly awaiting book 5, and am boycotting DAW Books until they will publish another one!!! A publisher who cannot recognize talent and who would refuse to publish another book in this wonderful and exciting series is not worthy of my attention! As soon as you have more of these books out, more people will buy them – many people wait for at least a bunch of books in a series/theme, before they will buy them. I am trying to increase your internet presence by reviewing and liking you on facebook! Thank you for your delightful series!!

    1. I’m gratified beyond measure by your response, but please don’t blame DAW, their hands are just as tied as any others involved. They love me, and the D&P books, they just can’t order more if they’re not selling. I’m not, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, their only author.
      Keep in mind that if I were with any other publisher, I’d have been let go when my sales were disappointing. Only privately owned companies like DAW will continued to support authors who aren’t selling all that well, and keep giving them chances.

  7. Karina

    Left my good review on Goodreads.
    I will buy any book you publish. I would sure like to see another Shadowlands book, also!
    Don’t do Twitter but will follow you on FB right now.
    Thank you for the excellent stories!

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